3 Months to Stop Brexit


As Parliament finally returns today, we are facing the greatest constitutional crisis of our lifetime. MPs are deadlocked on what happens next with Brexit. This is our opportunity to stop Brexit. 

Theresa May delayed the vote on her deal in order to avoid unleashing momentum behind the People's Vote campaign. With the new date set for next week, one thing is clear - Nothing has changed, to quote the PM herself. 

That then leaves a litany of different options for the Prime Minister. Jeremy Corbyn has proposed that the PM go back and negotiate a customs union with the EU. Putting aside Corbyn's mantra that there is no time for more renegotiation, there is absolutely zero appetite from the Europeans for this fantasy of an idea. 

Our Labour MP is pushing the second unicorn: Norway-plus. This model would have us join EFTA for EEA access, but also join the EU customs union in order to avoid a border on the island or Ireland. Whilst it solves that problem, it still leaves the UK as rule-takers and not rule-makers, having only "influence" over the rules of the Single Market and the Customs Union. 

No deal is unpalatable to the majority of the MPs and cannot be allowed to happen. Even the Prime Minister knows this and when push comes to shove, I believe she will not take us off this cliff. 

So the only realistic pathway available is a People's Vote on the PM's deal. It is time we gave the British people the final say on Brexit and give them the option to democratically choose to remain part of the European Union. 

Whilst there has been a ground-swell of cross-party MPs coming to support this - including Labour's Darren Jones and Kerry McCarthy here in Bristol - the Liberal Democrats remain the only major national party who want to give the people the final say on Brexit. 

Now is the time for Labour and Conservatives alike to put democracy and the national interest first and put Theresa May's deal to the people for them to decide if its what is in their interest. We have 3 months to stop Brexit. Let's not waste another minute. 

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