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Can we trust Labour on Brexit?

Bristol West voted overwhelming to stay in the European Union. Despite this, our Labour MP decided not to back key amendments that would have stopped a hard Brexit and she refuses to give you the final say on the deal.

In the latest development in the Brexit saga, MPs voted on amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill, the key piece of legislation that will decide how, when and if we Brexit.

One of the vital amendments included Britain adopting the Norway Model (EEA membership) that would have kept Britain in the single market and protected jobs and our economy.

This cross-party amendment had the support of enough Tory rebels to block a hard Brexit, if the Labour Party voted for it. Labour and our MP decided not. Instead they backed an amendment that EU officials dismissed as “cakeism”.

What exactly is the difference between a Labour and Tory Brexit?

Our Labour MP has flat-out rejected a People’s Vote on the final day. The Lib Dems are working hard to make sure you get the final say on Brexit.

We need to avoid a hard Brexit which will undoubtedly damage the country and make us less safe and less well off. However, whilst staying in the Single Market and Customs Union is essential, the best option for Bristol is to exit from Brexit.

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A New Deal for Mental Health Care Services

The Liberal Democrats have called for a revolution in mental health care, valuing mental health and physical health equally, and introducing a long-term funding plan to bring an end to mental health in-justice.

In government, the Lib Dems introduced the first mental health waiting times targets. With that change in the law came new funding and the opportunity to explore the conversation surrounding mental health in a society and in our politics.

Since 2015, there has been little to no movement. Funding continues to be cut, staff let go and targets re-prioritised. Every day, people and families feel first hand the failings of the system.

The Liberal Democrats will put a penny on income tax, giving the NHS, social care and mental health care the cash injection it desperately needs. We need to think long term to anticipate and deal with the future. We believe in a dedicated NHS tax, allowing you to see how much of your money is spent.

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Lib Dems Call for End of Vagrancy Act

Since May 2016, Labour-run Bristol City Council has arrested and charged multiple rough sleepers across the city.

The Liberal Democrats are leading the campaign locally and nationally against the Vagrancy Act of 1824, which allows people to be arrested simply for being on the streets.

The Lib Dems have put pressure on the Prime Minister to back our calls to scrap the law, including introducing a bill in Parliament to outlaw the practice. Sadly, however, the Prime Minister felt that arresting rough sleepers is something she is happy for her government to sponsor.

Many Redland residents said they were shocked and appalled when they learnt of the Labour council using the bill to arrest rough sleepers in areas like Clifton and across the city centre.

Whilst we work to change the law nationally, your local Lib Dems are looking to start the change in Bristol, with a petition calling on the council to stop using the Vagrancy Act. Local campaigner James Cox said “It’s time to consign this Dickensian law to the history books I hope everyone in the city will back our campaign.”

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