Bristol Tax Payers Pick up the Bill for Marvin’s Fiasco

Bristol City Council has recently parted company with the third Chief Executive to be in post since Mayor Rees took over.

It must be said, that although Cllr Richard Eddy and I have very different political opinions and disagree on many subjects in Council, we share between us 40 years of Council experience and many years of experience in Recruitment and Council HR matters. I have discussed this matter with him.

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Watch: Cllr Anthony Negus on the "Your Neighbourhood" consultation

The City Council Lib Dem group have criticised this 5-part exercise consulting on cuts to council services from Libraries, to School Crossing Patrol and Public Toilets. Excluding the Community Links section, the neighbourhood elements make a single, desperate, proposal with some tweaks and only the loss of public conveniences has a suggestion of mitigation. This stark presentation discourages the secondary objective of asking for ideas. After speaking with the all-party Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Commission that he chairs, Cllr. Anthony Negus presented their resolution that this consultation was flawed to the Mayor's cabinet. Unfortunately these criticisms were not accepted.

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Community Win for Jubilee Pool

The Cabinet's handling of this matter has been confusing from start to finish. The report now admits that the first plan was to close the pool and this was what was said would happen in the Cabinet Report and the Full Council Cabinet decision. This stance was backed up by a disgraceful 4 page hatchet job masquerading as an Equalities Impact Assessment.

I am very glad that the Council's position has changed but it is regrettable that uncertainty hung over Jubilee for so long. This has not been helpful to the operators who rely on selling new and renewed annual memberships and were delayed in their marketing campaign.  Fortunately the huge local show of support gave them confidence and of course helped to get a satisfactory sign off.

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Council Chaos

So while Cllr Asher Craig proudly proclaimed her widely derided "Communities Consultation" a great success, the Mayor made many of his usual speeches about how wonderfully the Administration was doing despite the impossible financial pressures imposed by Central Government, a worrying piece of news was exposed by questions from Lib Dem Cllr Jos Clark.

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Tackling Food Waste - Success in Cotham... and beyond!

Attempts to improve the way local large supermarkets work with our city council went from the laptop of Lib Dem councillor for Cotham, Anthony Negus, to being adopted nationally by Britain’s core cities. (see here)

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‘Let’s Get Our Local Rail Services Back on Track’ – Williams

Lib Dem West of England mayoral candidate Stephen Williams has outlined his plans to open new local railway stations, get electrification back on schedule and to introduce new train and tram links across the region.

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Williams Hits out at “Painful” Fares Hike

Stephen Williams, the Lib Dem candidate to be the regional mayor of the West of England, has slammed a planned hike in bus fares and outlined his plans to combat the rising cost of travelling by bus.

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‘Affordable Housing a Top Priority’ – Williams

Residents struggling to get on the housing ladder and people needing affordable homes will be at the heart of a raft of policies promised by Stephen Williams, the Lib Dem candidate for regional mayor.

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Stephen Williams Meets and Greets Bristol’s Residents

Lib Dem regional mayoral candidate Stephen Williams hosted a public meeting - attended by local residents - on Wednesday evening.  

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‘Bristol better off with a Lib Dem West of England Mayor’ – Williams

Lib Dem mayoral candidate Stephen Williams made the rallying cry at a crowded event at St Matthews Church in Kingsdown on Tuesday night.

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