Liberal Democrats Select Kay Barnard as Bristol Mayoral Candidate

The Liberal Democrats have selected Dr Kay Barnard as their candidate to be the next Mayor of Bristol.


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Bristol Lib Dems say “Yes to EU”

Yes to EU logoLiberal Democrats in Bristol are leading the way with a positive attitude towards Europe and are the first party to formally join the ‘Yeto EU Bristol Alliance‘, ahead of the anticipated referendum on EU membership.


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Let’s avoid another school places crisis

Bristol Councillors are due to debate the provision of new secondary school places at next week’s Full Council with a fear that the city could be rocked with another school places crisis if it does not act soon.

Cllr. Tim Kent

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Welfare cuts to hit thousands of Bristol residents

Welfare cuts to hit thousands of Bristol residents

The Conservative government have announced a range of cuts to working age benefits that will affect local residents.

Recent analysis has estimated that in the City of Bristol:

The four year freeze on working age benefits means 33,410 Bristol residents and their families will lose an average of £260 per year.

This includes 18,700 working people whose families will have to make up an average £280 shortfall per year in tax credits.

4,020 residents in the ESA work related activity group, considered only temporarily too ill to work, will lose a further £30 per week as their allowance is brought down to the level of JSA.

Other measures include:

  • the household benefit cap will be reduced to £20,000 (£23,000 in London)
  • support through Child Tax Credit will be limited to 2 children for children born from April 2017
  • automatic entitlement to housing benefit will be ended for 18-21 year olds
  • limiting child tax credits to 2 children
  • reducing the amount of tax credits anyone with an income of more than £3,300 can receive
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