The Executive Committee for each calendar year is elected at the local party AGM, which is normally held at the end of November.

This year's full executive committee is listed here but the following are the key officer roles:

Chair - Dr Crispin Allard


Crispin joined the Liberal Democrats in 2005, and was Chair of the Aldershot party for 5+ years and a Borough Councillor for 4 years.  He moved to Redland in 2013 and became Bristol Lib Dems Chair in January 2017; he is also on the Western Counties Regional Executive Committee.

Crispin’s political passions are Staying in the EU and Electoral Reform (Proportional Representation by STV) – he is also Chair of Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform.  Outside politics, Crispin works for a large consultancy, where he leads a business modelling and analytics team.  His pastimes include sailing and board games.

Crispin says: “My aim as Chair is to enable all members to get involved in the Bristol party, doing things they enjoy, to help build the capacity to win elections.”

Secretary - Helen Cooney


Helen joined the Liberal Democrats in January 2017, having been compelled to re-engage actively with politics following the shock of the June 2016 Referendum result. She campaigns at National Level for the UK to remain in the EU via democratic means. A lifelong progressive, she hopes to inspire others to become active members of the Party and enjoys participating on Bristol Liberal Democrat street stalls.

Helen works as a Business Intelligence Test Analyst within the IT department of a large financial company, quality assuring data transformations. Her interests include theatre, art history, Italian language and culture, functional medicine and epigenetics. She has lived in Windmill Hill ward since 2004.

As Secretary she provides support to the Chair and takes minutes at regular executive meetings and the local party AGM.


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