The Executive Committee for each calendar year is elected at the local party AGM, which is normally held at the end of November.

Chair - Dr Crispin Allard

Chair - Dr Crispin Allard

Crispin joined the Liberal Democrats in 2005, and was Chair of the Aldershot party for 5+ years and a Borough Councillor for 4 years.  He moved to Redland in 2013 and became Bristol Lib Dems Chair in January 2017; he is also on the Western Counties Regional Executive Committee.

Crispin’s political passions are Staying in the EU and Electoral Reform (Proportional Representation by STV) – he is also Chair of Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform.  Outside politics, Crispin works for a large consultancy, where he leads a business modelling and analytics team.  His pastimes include sailing and board games.

Crispin says: “My aim as Chair is to enable all members to get involved in the Bristol party, doing things they enjoy, to help build the capacity to win elections.”

Email: chair@bristollibdems.org

Secretary - Laura Barry

Email: secretary@bristollibdems.org

Membership Officer - Caroline Copsey 

Email: membership@bristollibdems.org

A list of the current year's full executive committee is here (or if you wish to print the list you can download the PDF).


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