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Some 174 people signed the petition, mostly during prior to the May 2016 election. Many thanks for signing if you were one of these people.

What happened next

After the election, we worked people in the local community to continue the campaign to bring back a swimming pool for East Bristol. We helped a local resident with setting up a new community-driven petition - with more relevant wording - on the Bristol City Council website. This second petition gained 139 signatures online, and with additional paper signatures reached over 550 signatures.

Across both petitions, some 729 people demonstrated the strength of feeling in the area by pledging their support for a new swimming pool in our area.

These petitions were presented at a meeting of all city councillors (known as Full Council) on 17 Jan 2017, ahead of major Council budgetary decisions that take place during January and February every year. You can see the petition being presented online here.

As you may know, the Council is in the process of setting budgets in a difficult financial environment. The Council held a consultation on plans for spending reductions and has published a feedback report and revised proposals. The good news for the pool is that revised investment plans proposals still include £4.5 million of “investment into appropriate swimming and other sports facilities” over 5 years. For more details, see the Council's corporate strategy page.

Bristol Lib Dems will continue to work with local groups and others to further this campaign in the months ahead. To stay up to date with developments, you may wish to join the active 'Friends of Speedwell Pool' Facebook group (now with more than 550 members), and look out for community meetings about the pool which are often held at Croft’s End Church.


Original petition wording:

We the undersigned call on the Mayor to fund a new East Bristol swimming pool and finally provide the facility promised when Speedwell closed in 2005.

East Bristol has been left behind as other parts of the city have had pools rebuilt. There is great local demand for this much-needed health and leisure facility. Designs are in place for the Brunel Academy site, and any subsidy – which seems the main justification from the Mayor for not proceeding - is likely to be small, and much less than for other facilities in Bristol.

We call on the Mayor to ensure the 2016/17 budget provides the capital funding to allow construction to begin and negotiate robustly with service providers to minimise any subsidy. It is time to bring back a vital service that has been missing for far too long.

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