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Local News in Brief - August 2018


Work has now been completed on the transformation! It looks very good and is a credit to all the hard campaigning and effort put in by a small group of residents.


Anthony says "if the two-year stay is to find a long-term networked, modernised solution for more than 10 libraries I’m for it! I’ll not support downgrading the leftover libraries – Redland is one – into ‘community hubs’ with a nominal bookshelf in the corner". Officers and the Cabinet Member have given different explanations for what will come out of this stay of closures after 2020. This time must be used productively to construct lasting solutions


Some local streets have been selected for a rethink on speed limits. The Lib Dems brought in these zones in residential streets across the city to bring down speeds and so reduce the severity of accidents. This has been proved successful. There are some bigger roads with confusing changes of speed limits and some roads where the present 30 mph might be dropped to twenty – which is often plenty! Look at this: and let me know your views to be passed on.


Democracy and traditional fairness are on the rack under this majority administration. The first loss was an all-party cabinet, then scrutiny was nobbled and now Labour has taken over most of the Council committees. Such a clampdown was never considered under the LibDem majority administration but the Labour group mass-voted on this and now control which motions are debated in Council.


A rare apple tree -with cerise-coloured fruit -and orchids have been discovered growing in our local park. Bristol Parks Forum, with others, has been given a grant to set up a Parks Foundation for Bristol but this will not increase any general maintenance. Please contact me if you could spare a little time to help care for it.


Sunday September 23rd. Plans are well advanced for the Street Festival. There will be 3 stages for live performance, many more stalls selling a variety of crafts, collectable's and bric-a-brac. There will be more children's entertainment and lots of lovely food and drink.
Only 2 months to go, but we need more volunteers to steward, to help on the group’s stall and with the children's activity on offer from Brunel Lions. Please respond to: Chandos Neighbourhood Association


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Severn Beach Line

Bristol City Council may try to accelerate delivery of part of the MetroWest phase 1 rail enhancement package if no clear funding strategy emerges for the whole phase by the end of July.
Phase 1A is the delivery of half-hourly services on the Severn Beach line and between Bristol and Bath Spa, hoped to commence in 2020, and Phase 1B is an hourly service on a re-opened branch to Portishead in North Somerset, envisaged to start in 2021.

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Clean Air for Bristol

Bristol’s air pollution has now reached an all-time high. We need a plan to fix it.
With Labour proposing a congestion zone for the city, Lib Dem group leader, Anthony Negus, has proposed a different plan. He wants to introduce a no-polluting vehicle policy in the central zone, improve mass transit and cycling opportunities, transitional arrangements for vehicles in the event of a congestion zone and increased sustainably-fuelled car-share options on the periphery of the central zone.


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Lib Dems Back an Exit from Brexit

Cotham voted resoundingly to Remain in the European Union.
Two years later it looks as though Brexit will be worse than we feared. We may crash out next year without a trade deal. If that happens the Lib Dems want you to have a vote on whether to accept Theresa May's mess or stay in the EU.
Brexit would damage the UK’s economy, taking away jobs and opportunities for young people.
Despite this, our MP has abandoned the remain cause and Labour councillors opposed supporting a public vote on the final deal.
If you want to fight Brexit then join us in fighting for an Exit from Brexit.
You can sign our petition at:

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Slim My Waste

As schedules were disrupted by keeping operatives going through the heat, Anthony has pursued many complaints about plastic stuck over black bins. Anthony supports this latest campaign to improve recycling and save money by nudging people to put food waste into brown boxes instead of polluting the dry waste. This then can’t be sold and there’s less food waste to be reprocessed; much for energy. Now you know, will you help?

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Overgrown Weeds

Cotham is now back to twice yearly spraying like everywhere else. Anthony has arranged for some defined streets to be weeded without pesticides and is calling for a review of peak effectiveness per month in the hope that better timing might allow a single spray. Anthony says "I brought all interested parties together on this important issue but it's not been followed up. This potentially harmful spraying is too important to ignore so I am taking the initiative to reconvene this meeting to drive out alternative solutions."

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Demand Better For NHS

Lib Dems propose a penny on income tax to give our NHS, mental health and social care service the resources they need.

Almost everybody has – or is close to someone who has - had a life-changing experience with our NHS.

The Lib Dems are fighting to maintain the NHS free at the point of use, but also to facilitate greater efficiency, better patient outcomes and secure funding.

Our plan is simple: by putting a penny on income tax we can give the NHS, social care and mental health services the money it desperately needs now.

But we need to be honest. We cannot afford to invest in our services if our economy continues to be damaged by Brexit. Brexit will seriously harm our NHS, and Labour refuse to take this prospect seriously.

If we truly value our NHS then we will have to fight to sustain it. The Liberal Democrats embrace that challenge and don’t shy from the harsh realities.

For the average person, it would cost just a cup of coffee a week to give our NHS the money it so badly needs now, and I believe that’s a price worth paying.

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