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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society

- Laura and Merche , Clifton Down Lib Dem Candidates

About The Candidates

Laura Barry

I moved here to study at Bristol University twenty years ago, and loved the city so much I ended up staying!

I am currently an NHS research scientist, and enjoy helping students with both project work and getting the most out of living in Bristol. Previously I worked in Clifton Down on the Children of the 90s project, looking at factors that affect the health outcomes of local children.

As a non-driver I share the frustrations of many residents with Bristol’s dire public transport system, and would make reforming this a priority if elected as a Councillor.

Laura Barry

Merche Clark

Since settling in Clifton Down in December 2014, I have enjoyed getting involved with the local community – becoming Joint Secretary of the Clifton Down Community Association, Committee Member for Friends of Redland Library and a Governor at St John’s Primary.

When we work together we can really effect change (or keep our local services in the case of the library!). As Councillor, I can take our concerns to Bristol City Council not just for our area, but to push our city forward.

Merche Clark
0117 903 0950


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