Andrew Brown - Bristol South

Liberalism is about empowerment, fairness and co-operation for the benefit of all. At a time when the Tories are letting down the country and Labour are letting down the City, I am standing for those Liberal values in tackling the biggest issues of our age: Brexit, Climate Change, and a fair deal for old and young alike.

Time for Karin Smyth MP to back a People's Vote

Yesterday over a million people, including hundreds from Bristol, marched in London to demand a People's Vote and an exit from Brexit. Meanwhile, over 13,000 Bristol South residents, equivalent to 12% of the electorate, are amongst the almost 5,000,000 people across the country that have signed a record-breaking petition calling on the government to revoke article 50 and stop the Brexit process.

Additionally, research conducted for Best for Britain and Hope not Hate in 2018 suggested that the constituency would (at that point) back remaining by a margin of 62% to 38%, and that 70% would support a 'Final Say' referendum.

Despite this, and the growing public and political unease over the way the government has handled Brexit, local MP Karin Smyth (who voted for Article 50, and is part of Labour's shadow Brexit team) has yet to join her colleagues in Bristol's other parliamentary seats and support a People's Vote as a way out of the Brexit mess.

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Airbus boss right to criticise ‘no deal’ Brexit

Today, the boss of Airbus criticised the government’s handling of Brexit as a “disgrace” which meant it still couldn’t plan properly, even with just two months to go. In addition, he warned that Airbus might have to take decisions with the potential to be “very harmful” for the UK.

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Happy New Year

"Happy New Year"

It trips off the tongue so easily, and yet for many it is not a happy time: something we can forget so easily.

Nonetheless, I wish you a Happy New Year. And if yours lacks hope - and I know how that feels - then I wish you hope: things can get better.

(The rest of this post took on a life of it's own. Read on for my thoughts on what may happen politically, and a prediction(!)


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