39% of jobs in Bristol at risk to automation

A report released today by the Office for National Statistics has revealed that 39% of jobs in Bristol are at risk of having some or all of their tasks automated. The report shows that almost 1 in 20 jobs are at high risk of being automated, around 8,959 jobs in the city. The figures show a hug...

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Mary Page Selected as Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate

Mary Page selected as Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate The Liberal Democrats have selected Mary Page as their candidate for the Bristol Mayoral elections in 2020. Mary Page is a Public Relations & Brand Communications specialist with extensive experience in driving effective multi-sector corporate ...

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Bristol Rovers showing the way on mental health issues

Following a meeting with Bristol Rovers Community Trust, James Cox has praised the organisation's community work on mental health issues and urged more people suffering from mental ill health to engage with their programmes. Bristol Rovers Community Trust, who won the 2018 Bristol Life charity ...

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