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Bristol charity backs Lib Dem campaign for end of life care for homeless people

Help Bristol’s Homeless have given their backing to the campaign to provide housing and end of life care to homeless people who are diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Liberal Democrat MP Ed Davey presented his Ten-minute rule bill in 2018 on the issue and is due to have its second reading on Fri...

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Cox: Time to Call a People's Vote

Following tonight's overwhelming defeat of the government's Brexit bill, James Cox, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Bristol West, said: "Parliament has delivered its verdict on the Brexit deal and it is overwhelming. This deal is wrong for Bristol and wrong for Britain.  "The only w...

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Demand Better for Bristol Energy

Bristol Liberal Democrats have criticised the City Council's handling of Bristol Energy, after the community energy company posted over £11million in loses for 2018. Whilst the idea was conceived in 2010 under the Liberal Democrat administration, due to implementation delays under the Ferguson a...

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