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Langer: Plan for complex economy demands complex solutions

Liberal Democrats passed a motion at conference which seeks to tackle inequality by reforming corporate governance and bringing about a system of life-long training to give people the skills needed to adapt to the changing workplace.  Speaking at conference, Clifton campaigner Max Langer: "We ar...

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Cox: No young person should be left to suffer in silence

Liberal Democrats passed an emergency motion at their conference which aims to tackle the high rates of self-harm amongst children and young people. Speaking at the conference, Bristol West Parliamentary Spokesperson, James Cox said: "The University of Bristol has built itself a reputation ...

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Unanimous support for Lib Dems' SEND funding motion

Bristol City Council voted unanimously to back the Lib Dems' motion to restore funding to the special education needs and disability education budget. The motion follows a high court ruling which determined that the council's proposed cuts to the SEND budget were illegal in a groundbreaking case....

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